Wearable Sensors Market Development and Demand Research Global Industry Report is expected to reach CAGR of 46.6% by 2020.

Press Release: Pune, India- 17th July , 2017

Global Wearable Sensors Market Development and Demand Research Report- Forecast to 2020

About this Report
The Wearable Sensors are used in wearable devices which comprises of smart wrist wear, glasses, bodywear, footwear and are demanded by various modern applications. Market Research Future predicts the market is projected to reach USD 1,630.3 million by 2020 with 46.6% CAGR during review period of 2015-2020.

The end-user wearable sensor market comprises of consumer, healthcare, enterprise & industrial among others. With increasing number of health conscious consumer, mainly in the developing market of Asia-Pacific, the application of wearable sensors is expected to increase at healthy rate during the forecast period. The growth of smart wristwear and smart body-wears has resulted in increasing production of wearable sensor.

Geographically, North America is one of the major revenue generator as well as producer of wearable sensor due to high adoption rate of digital components in consumer electronics, fitness and sports market. Also, growing healthcare industry coupled with consumer awareness towards technology and computing in day to day life is boosting the growth of wearable sensors market in Asia-Pacific region.

Key Players

The leading market players in the global wearable sensors market primarily include Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands), STMicroelectronics (Switzerland), Texas Instruments Incorporated (U.S.), KIONIX, INC. (U.S.), Measurement Specialties, Inc. (U.S.), Analog Devices, Inc (U.S.), ZOLL Medical Corporation (U.S.), Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (U.S.), and Infineon Technologies AG (Germany).

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Study Objectives of Wearable Sensors Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020 Market

  • To provide detailed analysis of the market structure along with forecast for the next 5 years of the various segments and sub-segments of the global wearable sensors development and demand market
  • Upcoming technologies, high growth geographies and countries were identified
  • Regional and country specific demand and forecast for wearable sensors were studied
  • Key segments covered in the report are: type, application, end user, and region
  • Unit breakdown for all different classification was finalized; and same was referred for forecasting, keeping few assumptions into factor
  • For all the regions: forecast demand for all applications were identified and then with historical figure, data collected through primary and annual reports were triangulated to derive the regional market size
  • Historical trend is identified to forecast and estimate the future value and volume data Target Audience • OEMs
  • Component and Raw Material Suppliers • Service Suppliers • Potential Investors • Key executive (CEO and COO) and strategy growth manager Key Findings
  • In 2015, the North America had the largest share of ~38% in the market and is expected to lead the market by 2020

APAC is likely to be the fastest growing market, due to growing healthcare industry coupled with consumer awareness towards technology and computing in day to day life.

  • The emerging countries in Asia-Pacific, such as Japan, South Korea and China, are superior in the development and adoption of advanced technology
  • STMicroelectronics, InvenSense, Inc., KIONIX, INC. (ROHM Co., Ltd.), Measurement Specialties, Inc. and Robert Bosch GmbH are the major vendors of wearable sensors market Regional and Country Analysis of Wearable Sensors Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020 Market As per the MRFR analysis, the Asia-Pacific Wearable Sensors market is poised to reach $XX billion in 2020, to grow at a CAGR of around 58% during the forecasted period. Europe and North America will grow at a CAGR of approximately 39% and 42% respectively.

The reports also cover country level analysis: • North America o US o Canada o Mexico

  • Europe o Germany o U.K. o Spain o Netherland o Rest of Europe
  • Asia – Pacific o Japan o China o Australia o India o Rest of Asia Pacific


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 List of Abbreviations
Chapter 1.

Research Scope and Methodology 12

1.1 Market Definition 12

1.2 Market Breakdown by Type, Application and End users 12

1.3 Market Breakdown by Geography 13

1.4 Research Methodology and Sources 13

 Chapter 2.

Executive Summary 15

2.1 Key Findings 15

2.2 Research Summary 15 Chapter 3. Market Outlook 17

3.1 Introduction 17

3.2 Wearable Sensors by Type 17

3.2.1 Motion Sensors 17

3.2.2 Medical Based Sensors 18

3.2.3 Image Sensors 19

3.2.4 Position Sensors

3.2.5 Pressure Sensors 19

3.2.6 Inertial Sensors 20 3.2.7 Other Sensors 20

3.3 Wearable Sensors by Application 21

3.3.1 Smart Wristwear 21

3.3.2 Smart Glasses 21

3.3.3 Smart Bodywears 22

3.3.4 Smart Footwear 22 3.3.5 Other Wearable Devices 23

3.4 Wearable Sensors by End User 23

3.4.1 Consumer Applications 23

3.4.2 Healthcare Applications 24

3.4.3 Enterprise and Industrial Applications 25

3.5 Trends in the Market 25

3.5.1 Usage of Cloud Computing in Wearables 25

3.5.2 Integration of Sensors and Sensor Innovations 26

3.6 Opportunities in the Market 26

3.6.1 Introduction of Smart Textile in Wearable Electronics 26

3.6.2 Wearable Systems in Physiological Monitoring 27

3.7 Factors Driving the Market and its Impact on Market Forecast 27

3.7.1 Rise in Wearable Sensors for Infants 27

3.7.2 Rise in Home and Remote Patient Monitoring 28

3.7.3 Rapid Innovations in Sensor Technology 28

3.7.4 Impact Analysis of Drivers on Market Forecast 29

3.8 Factors Hindering the Market and its Impact on Market Forecast 29

3.8.1 Privacy and Security Concerns 29

3.8.2 Higher Power Consumption 29

3.8.3 Thermal Considerations and Device Protection 30

3.8.4 Technical Difficulties (Hardware and Software Issues) 31

3.8.5 Impact Analysis of Restraints on Market Forecast 32


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