Global Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Market 2017 Analysis and Forecast to 2022

HGH is a master hormone protein responsible for growth stimulation, development and regeneration of healthy cells. Deficiency of growth hormone leads to Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), which is a chronic disease affecting both children and adults. The report “Global Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Market Outlook 2022” provides an in-depth analysis of global HGH market, focusing on Pediatric and Adult GHD.
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The report provides comprehensive coverage on major industry drivers, restraints, and their impact on market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, the study encompasses various market specific growth opportunities at the global and regional level. The report has been segmented as following:-
Market Segmentation
• Paediatric GHD
• Adult GHD
• Other Disorders
Market Segmentation by Geography
• Europe
• North America-The US
• Asia Pacific-Japan
Key Vendors
• Merck Serono
• Novo Nordisk
• Pfizer
• Eli Lilly
• F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
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 Table Of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
    2. Research Methodology
    3. Human Growth Hormone
    3.1 Overview
    3.2 The Pathophysiology of Growth Hormone
    3.2.1 Molecular Basis of GH Action
    3.2.2 Metabolic Effects of GH
    3.3 Growth Hormone Deficiency
    3.3.1 Pediatric GHD
    3.3.2 Adult GHD
    3.3.3 Other Diorders
    3.4 Recombinant HGH
    3.4.1 Inclusion Body Technology
    3.4.2 Protein Secretion Technology
    3.4.3 Mouse-Cell Technology
    4. Human Growth Hormone Market Analysis
    4.1 Market Sizing
    4.1.1 Market Size by Value (Actual & Forecasted)
    4.1.2 Market Size by Volume (Actual & Forecasted)
    4.1.3 Market Share by Region
    4.2 HGH Market by Segment
    4.2.1 Market Share
    4.2.2 Pediatric GHD market
    4.2.3 Adult GHD market
    5. GH Deficiency Therapy
    5.1 Diagnosis
    5.2 Therapy for Various GHDs
    5.3 Treatment Options
    5.3.1 HGH Injections
    5.3.2 HGH Releasers
    5.3.3 Homeopathic HGH
    5.3.4 Others
    5.4 Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement
    5.4.1 Overview
    5.4.2 Benefits of HGH Replacement
    6. Global HGH Market Regional/Country Analysis
    6.1 Europe
    6.1.1 Overview
    6.1.2 rhGH Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
    6.1.1 Pediatric rhGH Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
    6.2 The US
    6.2.1 Overview
    6.2.2 rhGH Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
    6.2.1 Pediatric rhGH Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
    6.3 Japan
    6.3.1 Overview
    6.3.2 rhGH Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
    6.3.1 Pediatric rhGH Market Sizing (Actual & Forecasted)
    7. Global HGH Market Dynamics
    7.1 Industry Trends & Developments
    7.1.1 Advent of Long-acting rhGH
    7.1.2 Use of HGH as Performance Enhancers
    7.1.3 Products Under Development
    7.2 Growth Drivers
    7.2.1 Prevalence of Pituitary Dysfunction
    7.2.2 Low Market Penetration
    7.2.3 Growing Geriatric Population
    7.2.4 Rising Healthcare Expenditure and Affordability
    7.3 Challenges
    7.3.1 High Treatment Cost
    7.3.2 Adverse Side-effects of rhGH
    7.3.3 Illicit Uses of HGH
    7.3.4 Reimbursement Issues for Patients
    7.3.5 Poor Adherence to Therapy by Patient
    7.3.6 Stringent Regulatory Approvals
    8. Competitive Landscape
    8.1 Brand Analysis
    8.2 Drugs by Disorders
    8.3 Market Share by Competitors
    9. Company Profiles
    9.1 Merck Serono
    9.2 Novo Nordisk
    9.3 Pfizer
    9.4 Eli Lilly
    9.5 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.


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