North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2016 adds “North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2016” report to its research database.

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“North and South America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2016” is among the latest region specific policy reports from GlobalData, which offers comprehensive information on major policies governing renewable energy markets in the region. The report covers nine key countries in the region, providing the current and future renewable energy targets and plans along with the present policy framework, giving a fair idea of overall growth potential of the renewable energy industry in each of the countries. The report also provides major technology specific policies and incentives provided in each country.

The report is built using data and information sourced from industry associations, government websites and statutory bodies. The information is also sourced through other secondary research sources such as industry and trade publications.

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– The report covers policy measures and incentives used by countries in North and South America to promote renewable energy.
– The report details promotional measures in the region both for the overall renewable energy industry and for specific renewable energy technologies that have potential in the region.
– The report discusses the policy scenario in nine key countries of the region – Argentina, brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, US, and Venezuela.
– The report discusses how the region fares in renewable energy deployment and compares the nine countries based on the use of different types of incentives.

Reasons to buy

– Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights about policy decisions being taken for different renewable enrgy sources.
– Identify opportunities and challenges in exploiting various renewable technologies.
– Compare the level of support provided to different renewable energy technologies in different countries in the region.
– Be ahead of competition by keeping yourself abreast of all the latest policy changes.

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Table of Content

Table of Contents 4
1.1 List of Tables 13
1.2 List of Figures 14
2 Introduction 15
2.1 Renewable Energy Policy 15
2.2 Globaldata Report Guidance 15
3 Renewable Energy Policy, Argentina 16
3.1 Overview 16
3.2 Law on Promotion of Renewable Sources of Energy for Electricity Production: 26.190 17
3.3 Renewable Energy Generation Program 18
3.4 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Solar 18
3.5 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Wind 18
3.6 National Strategic Plan for Wind Energy 19
3.7 Biodiesel Competitiveness Plan 19
3.8 The Biofuel Law 20
3.9 Biodiesel Content Requirement 21
3.10 National Bioenergy Program 21
3.11 Energy Efficiency Project 21
3.12 Energy Efficiency Policies for Appliances 22
3.13 National Program for Rational and Efficient Use of Energy 22
4 Renewable Energy Policy, Brazil 24
4.1 Overview 24
4.2 Program of Incentives for Alternative Electricity Sources 26
4.3 Renewable Energy Auctions 27
4.4 Alternative Energy Auction LFA-2010 and Reserve Energy Auction LER-2010 29
4.5 Brazil National Climate Change Plan 30
4.6 Luz para Todos Electrification Program 31
4.7 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Wind, Brazil 31
4.8 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Solar PV, Brazil 32
4.9 International Action Program, Brazil’s Hydropower Program 32
4.10 Incentives for Small Hydropower Facilities, Law 9648 32
4.11 Wind Turbine Component Tax Exemption (Executive Decree 656) 33
4.12 Inova Energia Program 33
4.13 National Biodiesel Program 33
4.14 Net Metering for Distributed Generation 34
4.15 Energy Expansion Plan 2010-2019 34
4.16 National Alcohol Program 35
4.17 Federal and State Taxes on Ethanol 35
4.18 Social Fuel Stamp Auction System 36
4.19 Ethanol Blending Mandate 37
4.20 Ethanol Export Tax Credit – Special Regime of Reinstatement of Tax Amounts for Exporting Companies – REINTEGRA 37
4.21 Spending on Biofuels 37
4.21.1 CT-PETRO program 37
4.21.3 CT-INFRA 38
4.21.4 CT-ENERG 38
4.21.5 CT-AGRO 38
4.21.6 CT-BIOTEC 38
4.21.7 Green-Yellow 39
4.21.8 Role of the National Development Bank of Brazil 39
4.22 National Energy Efficiency Policy 40
4.23 Regulated Investments in Energy Efficiency 40
4.24 The Energy Efficiency Law 40
4.25 Solar Water Heating Legislation 40
5 Renewable Energy Policy, Canada 42
5.1 Overview 42
5.2 Provincial Incentives 44
5.3 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Prince Edward Island 45
5.4 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Manitoba 46
5.5 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Saskatchewan 46
5.6 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Northwest Territories 46
5.7 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, Alberta 47
5.7.1 Climate Change Strategy 47
5.7.2 Provincial Energy Strategy 47
5.7.3 Financial Incentives and Policy Support for Wind 48
5.7.4 Nine-Point Bioenergy Plan 50
5.8 Renewable Energy Policy Framework, British Columbia 52
5.8.1 Hydro Net Metering 52
5.8.2 Energy Plan: A Vision for Clean Energy Leadership 52
5.8.3 Innovative Clean Energy Fund 53
5.8.4 Standing Offer Program 54
5.8.5 LiveSmart Efficiency Incentive Program 54



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